Thursday, 11 April 2013

TobyMac: Eye On It review

TobyMac: Eye On It
Release Date: 28 August 2012
Genre: Contemporary Christian, pop, hip-hop
Length: 43:54
Label: ForeFront
Similar artists: Newboys, Group 1 Crew, Big Daddy Weave, Kirk Franklin, Jamie Grace
Rating: 4/5

DROP THE BASS!!! That is after all what TobyMac is notorious for doing. Mixing the modern day feel of hip-hop/bass beats to the market of Christian based music. In this, his 6th full length studio album he does some things well and some things not so well.

The album delivered by Mac isn’t a bad one, but it isn’t one of those blow your socks off albums either, it sits somewhere in the middle. As I mentioned there are some really good points, namely the fact that Mac is able to keep to his old style of music. That being a style focused on glorifying God in the best beat possible. The album also brings forth some fresh new music by Mac. Songs such as “Lose Myself” and “Forgiveness” introduce a vibe of heavy bass which gets the feet tapping. Mac has always sung about family, and I don’t see this as a negative, I see it as admirable that he is testifying to the world about the blessing that his family is. Jamie Grace for me is a huge positive in this album; she is also unfortunately a negative, as you will see shortly. The vibe of the album is a good, upbeat, positive one that keeps your spirits up and your fist pumping.

A couple negatives of the album. The album can at times feel a little generic, similar to his past albums, but not so much that you would notice it right off the bat. For me the biggest negative about the album isn’t even regarding the album itself, I feel that it’s a shame that Jamie Grace was only included in “Favourite Song”. Miss Grace has a superb voice and it would have been nice to have heard her in a few other tracks too.

Having said that… I can say that TobyMac has managed to create yet another successful album that should be included in anybodies collection. One thing I have always liked about TobyMac is that he gets his sons to sing on his albums, and it has been awesome to hear them grow as individual artists through the albums.

“Take all of the good and all of the bad
‘Cause all of it’s on me
Take all of my ways, the things that I chase
The things that control me

And all that I hide, could you bring me to life?
Could you open my eyes and show me?
Take all that was me and shape it to be
Reflecting you soully

I wanna lose myself, lose myself and find you” lyrics from the song “Lose Myself”

Song of the album goes to… “Favourite Song”

Have a rocking week everyone

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  1. Hey Guys

    Firstly, thank you for reviewing this album!! TobyMac is one of my favourite artists, I've listened to all of his albums, and I think this is one of his best. The album is definitely his most mainstream, featuring almost genres. My favorite songs are 'Me Without You', 'Speak Life', and 'Unstoppable'. The album also features 'Steal My Show' which, to me, tells us how he, like the rest of us, needs to stay humble in spite of his success.

    I really enjoyed the album, and suggest you listen to some of his older material as well.

    Thanks again