Thursday, 25 April 2013

Fireflight: Now

Release Date: 6 March 2012
Genre: Christian rock, melodic rock, post-grunge
Length: 36 mins
Label: Essential/Flickr records
Similar artists: Plumb, HB, Barlow girl, Superchick, The Letter Black, Flyleaf
Rating: 4/5

Unique is probably a good place to start off with this band. Yes, they are a female-fronted Christian rock band, however they have a different sound, and that sound leads them into a category which most will find appealing. The album is set out in typical Fireflight fashion, with a few heavier songs mixed in with a few melodic tunes.

Something about this album (and Fireflight in general) that I have always liked is their ability to be heavy without being "heavy"… their heavier songs will begin with a bone-crunching beat, but then, just when you think the screaming will start, the beat drops and you are able to hear every word. This has been done deliberately because it is through the lyrics that the band wishes to make their impact, and boy, what an impact they make. 

Songs like He Weeps and Rise Above have clearly been written to spread a specific message....being the slower tracks on the album means you are able to hear the story behind the music. That doesn’t mean however that the heavier songs, such as Stay Close and Stronger Than You Think, don’t have a story, in fact, their story is just as strong, it just means that Fireflight is catering for as many audiences as they can at once, and they don’t disappoint.

The female lead band is not something that is too prevalent in today’s music scene; however those ladies that are pelting it out are definitely doing a great service to the industry. For me, Dawn Michele (lead singer of Fireflight) has one of the highest voices in the business, yet she manages to take the pitch of her voice and use it to its fullest potential, something which isn’t easy for someone with such a high voice.

The album is Fireflight’s fastest selling as well as best selling album to date, and it’s clear as to why: the quality lyrics, the thumping instrumentals, all mixed in with Michele’s powerhouse voice culminates into a great album. Here is an example of the quality lyrics to be found on the album:

“I don’t trust you to save me
At least I never wanted to
So I dare you to love me
When I can’t even love myself
‘Cause I don’t want to feel you
Try to break through me…

… Oh, I know I’ve done it to myself
I see that you’re the only one left
Who wants to stay by my side
Your love is keeping me ALIVE” from Keeping me Alive

All in all, a good quality album for those looking to find rock bands that pack a punch with a lady behind the mike.

Song of the week goes to…Now

Have a rocking week everyone

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