Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Brandon Heath: Blue Mountain

Release Date: 9 October 2013
Genre: Contemporary Christian, Country rock, mellow rock
Length: 42:23
Label: Reunion
Producer: Dan Muckala
Similar artists: Jeremy Camp; Matthew West; Francesca Battisteli; Aaron Shust
Rating: 4.5/5

It is always good to get a variety of perspectives when it comes to music, so I hope you do not get whiplash with today’s shift in genre.

Brandon Heath’s new album is one of those albums that you think is a little quirky and perhaps even slightly weird the first time you hear it. There are random bells and chinking sounds in the background while you are listening. Despite that; after a couple listens you begin to really hear the story behind the lyrics.

For me there are few things that are more awesome than deep lyrics, if you find an album that combines deep lyrics with talented instrumental pieces you will have me hooked. Blue Mountain is that album for me at this moment. I think I would be correct in saying that this is not a worship album. It is not worship because most of the songs on the album are ballads. Heath sings about everything from his grand father to a prisoner on death row to a fictional place called Blue Mountain where everything is good and perfect. Some of the lyrics are random and may not apply to your life but I can assure you that they will touch you emotionally.

Blue Mountain gives us a mixture of sombre ballads and upbeat, uplifting ballads. Heath has surprised the industry with a reasonably sudden release of this album so close to his chart topping Leaving Eden album in 2011. I think that this bold move by Heath has paid great dividends and I believe that Blue Mountain is a definite success.

“Speak the word your lips have never known
Because your heart told you so;
Jesus in disguise
Jehovah passing by
The burden of a tear
Hanging in your eye” lyrics from the chart-topping song ‘Jesus in Disguise’

I seriously recommend this album to everyone, even if this music isn’t usually your favourite, I say try it out! Check out this video on YouTube…

Song of the album goes to “Dyin’ day”.

Have a rocking week everyone

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