Sunday, 28 September 2014

God Doesn’t Call the Qualified, He Qualifies the Called

Have you ever heard the quote: “God doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies the called”, or “God equips the unequipped”? These quotes have entered the realm of cliché, but the truth behind them is as strong as ever.

Look at Moses, David and Gideon to name just a few in the Bible… These are men who had every right to have self-doubt – they were weak “average Joe’s”; speech problems; sheep farmer; poor family respectively… Yet each of them effectively went on to change the world as it was at the time.
The key element? God.

No man or woman can change the world in their own power, weak or strong. Yet what seems to happen is that God identifies someone who has characteristics in their early stages, with humility being a key element, and then places a grand mission upon them. He then helps grow them into the potential that He has ordained for their lives. It is so important for us to be open to the mission that He has for our lives, and if we feel something on our hearts – something that is so terrifying yet so mesmerizing  - we should ask for confirmation that it is a mission from Him (check Biblically, consult with pastor etc) – and then trust that if you commit to His mission, He will help you realize all the talents that have been lying dormant up until that point, and you could, without exaggeration, change the state of the nation, and the world. That’s not another cliché or throwaway statement… I genuinely believe that with God on your side, you truly can change the world!

This is not something to take lightly… We all have something on our hearts that we would love to pursue but we make up 1000 excuses not to because of overriding fear. I sincerely hope that you look at examples set by Moses, David and Gideon (there’s probably hundreds of more Biblical examples, and millions of examples in modern times – Nelson Mandela, anyone?), and use them as inspiration to courageously pursue His grand plan for your life; remember, He wants to use you to build His Kingdom… Would it not be selfish to turn that opportunity down?

Peace Amigos


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