Monday, 6 October 2014

You Are Not Invisible

Often life tends to throw us something we didn’t expect. They say when life gives you lemons you should make lemonade, but what happens when life gives you an avocado, or a banana, or even, dear I say it, raisins (I despise raisins). What do we do when things are out of our control, when things just don’t seem to be going our way? Most of us turn to friends or family who have gone through similar experiences. However, what we should do is turn to God.

Often we forget that God is there in both the big and small moments of our lives. From the job interview that goes badly, to the marriage that lasts a lifetime. God doesn't just work in mind blowing miracles like parting an ocean, sometimes He chooses to act through the people in our lives.

This is how God shows His love for us. Even when we feel distant from Him, He reaches out and protects us. He turns our lemons into lemonade, and raisins into chocolate chips. Our problems are never so big that we can't come to God with them. We aren't invisible to God, He'll always have our best interests at heart.

I think the important thing to remember is that we can never be so far away from God that He won't help us. Jesus' shoulder is there to cry on when you have no one else. His spirit comforts us when we can't find peace anywhere else. There's an amazing truth that Jesus sees us for more than what we are - people with a bunch of lemons. Jesus sees us as being worthy of love, worthy of lemonade.

You may wish to be someone stronger, more accomplished, or more involved. I can tell you know God loves you regardless, and He wants what is best for you. All you have to do is trust Him, and listen in the quiet moments.

Stay awesome,

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