Monday, 8 September 2014


I love to travel. I’ve been blessed enough to see numerous countries in Europe, Asia and Africa. I lived in South Korea for a year (you can read about it on my personal blog – Bullet Trains and Bicycles), where I taught English and learned as much as I taught. I’ve also just come back from a trip through Botswana and Zimbabwe which I loved! There’s something about being in the wild, completely cut off from technology and all you know, just observing some of the most amazing animals in their natural habitat. I love what travel brings you; not only do you get to see some incredible sights, filled with new people, food and experiences, but you learn so much. When you travel, there is no space for closed mindedness. You’re forced to experience things as an outsider and have to be willing to open your eyes to possibilities you may never have thought of before.

Personally, Korea was a major game changer in my walk of faith. I strayed almost completely, only to be welcomed back by God in the most beautiful ways. I would recommend travel to anyone and everyone. I know that big overseas trips aren’t always feasible but it’s so much more than seeing Europe, America or Asia. I think we need to travel where we are more often. See other provinces, cities, suburbs. We have the most breath-taking country and it’s right at our fingertips. Even just a trip to a new restaurant or market on the weekend can breathe fresh air into a mundane week. If you usually fly to Cape Town, try road tripping it. If you like going to the beach, try the bush. Get out, open your mind and let God and this world speak to you in ways you can’t imagine. Nothing says God is beauty, love and pure awesomeness like watching the sun set over the Zambezi River or hearing the roar of the Victoria Falls.

I just think it’s so easy for us to get bored and wish we lived somewhere else, did something else, was someone else. But we have so much we can take advantage of. Don’t let too much time go by without appreciating your area, city or country. You’ll be amazed at what you’ll notice when you open your eyes.

This past holiday was so incredibly refreshing and I was reminded of how clearly God speaks when we are just still. I had little else to do some days other than sit and look out of a car window. And it was in that time that God was able to break through my busy mind and reveal things to me. I just think it’s so important not only to have that down time, but also to allow ourselves to broaden our horizons and see how other people live, think and experience the world. Even religion. And I wanted to share that with you. Travel often. It doesn’t need to be far, it doesn’t need to be for long. Just do it.

Until next time,

Let go and let God;


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