Thursday, 26 June 2014

Gungor: I Am Mountain

Artist: Gungor
Album/EP:  I Am Mountain
Label: Hither & Yon Records
Genre:  Alternative Rock
Rating: 5/5

Gungor. So mysterious, so good.  The multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter and composer, Michael Gungor, along with his wife, Lisa, lead this fresh musical collective.  Gungor creates experimental, honest and really excellent music.  A deluxe edition of their latest album, I Am Mountain, is to be released on 8th July.

It is tricky to 'label' Gungor's music as one certain genre.  In fact, I don't think Alternative Rock encompasses the array of stylistic choices that can be heard in their compositions.  I Am Mountain is a journey.  The songs on this album are all so unique and stimulating, ranging from vibrant and uplifting to slow and sombre pieces.

I Am Mountain may not advocate outright Christian lyrics but after listening to the songs, I would say that the excellence with which the album has been created is a form of worship.  The songs are so beautiful and so different and the lyrics really describe the deeper subtleties and beauty of a relationship with God.

And if anything, listen to Upside Down:


Love Sammy

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