Wednesday, 4 June 2014

All Sons and Daughters

Artist: All Sons and Daughters
Album: All Sons and Daughters
Record: Integrity
Similar Artists: The Civil Wars, The Avett Brothers
Genre: Worship, Folk, Acoustic
Release Date: May 2014
Rating: 4/5

If, like me, you are simply captivated by the modern folk scene, with bands like Mumford and Sons, The Civil Wars, The Avett Brothers (to name just a few) heading up your playlist ratings, then the acoustic, folk-worship duo of All Sons and Daughters will take your breath away.

The self-titled album is the third studio release since David Leonard (Guitar/Vocals) and Leslie Jordan (Piano/Vocals) joined forces in 2009. There are few words that are able to describe the beauty and power of the sound that define All Sons and Daughters. The sensitive acoustic style, combined with the raw (and sometimes imperfect) vocals, as well as their soul-bearing lyrics creates a unique sound that is making waves throughout the worship industry.

The heart they have for God and their desire to lift up the fallen and encourage the broken-hearted is so evident in this album. One just needs to read the titles of the various tracks to understand the message they are sending out. They are boldly proclaiming God's victory over sin...His unfailing love for us...that no matter the circumstances, GOD IS WITH US! Oh, what an incredible truth!!

If you are feeling down-trodden, tired or broken, I urge you to buy this album. Listen to, and take hold of, the truths in each song....meditate over them and I pray that you will encourage His peace in those moments.

You've come to bring peace
To be love, to be nearer to us
You've come to breathe life
To be light, to shine brighter in us

Peace and Love

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