Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Charmaine: Love Somebody

Artist: Charmaine
Album/EP:  Love Somebody
Label: Independent
Genre:  Rock/Pop
Rating: 4/5
Charmaine first made a name for herself in the CCM pop scene in 2010 with her surprisingly dazzling first project Love Reality. Since then we haven’t heard much from her, until now that is, with her new EP Love Somebody.

To put it simply, this EP is short but sweet. It is without a doubt worth listening to. There simply isn't anyone else out there who is making music like Charmaine. The synths and vocal effects are distinct, crisp and satisfying to the ear. You get a sense of her creative prowess, even though it can sometimes be overwhelming, the tracks come across as ‘beautifully chaotic’. Charmaine is not one to rely too heavily on technology though, as her powerful and captivating vocals soar through each track, leaving you truly satisfied. Charmaine is off to a great start with her branching out and has a promising future ahead with music like this. However, there does seem to be a certain character missing from this EP that we saw in Love Reality.

To say that Love Somebody is a disappointing record would be pretty unfair I think. In my opinion this EP is just a simple and clean record from an artist that has clearly put in a lot of effort, and in doing so has produced a crisp product that will hopefully draw in more fans for the upcoming release of her full-length album. While Love Reality set the bar quite high for Charmaine's work, and the four year gap has not been sufficiently filled by this particular EP, the time is right for Charmaine to make a big splash. I really hope that there is more to come from her in future, and it had better be soon.

My favourite song is definitely “Love Somebody”.

Stay swanky Frankie


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