Wednesday, 2 April 2014

The Remission Flow: Rhythms of Grace

Artist: The Remission Flow
Record: Rhythms of Grace
Rating: 4.5/5
Similar artists: Rend Collective
Genre: Alternative Rock
Release Date: 22 April 2014
Length: 42:42
Label: 7Core Music

Take my life and do with it as you please”… This line from their song “Trust and Obey” encompasses who The Remission Flow is as God-following musicians. Their second studio album, Rhythms of Grace, is filled with a message of surrender, honour and love.

We had the incredible privilege of interviewing Darren Mulligan, the lead singer of the band. What started off as an interview focusing on their new album soon turned into a time of ministering and prayer.  We quickly realised that this band is unlike any we’ve encountered before.

Never before have we met a band that places so little emphasis on the music itself – it seems as if this is almost a by-product of their incredible desire to serve and honour our Loving Father. The humility with which Darren speaks, is the same humility that resonates through each and every song. Many of the lyrics communicate human weakness and the awe that is the Power of God.

Their goal for producing the album is to create a deep and intimate connection between the listeners and the heart of their songs. Darren’s voice has a distinguishably deep colour and quality which, when combined with the instrumentals, creates a unique sound made up of build-ups, breaks, open space and emotive choruses.
There could not be a more perfect song to end off this album than “It is Well”. Words cannot do justice to this... It is pure and it is true. Give it a listen.   

We strongly encourage you to buy this album and listen to it from start to finish….and then repeat!

Peace and Love


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