Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Travel steadily

 Psalm 37:34 says “Don’t be impatient for the Lord to act! Travel steadily along His path. He will honour you, giving you the land”. What a beautiful thought. How comforting it is to acknowledge that we can simply live our lives according to His plan knowing that everything will work out perfectly. How comforting it is to know that we can be blissfully patient, without fear, worry or concern. 

God, the Ruler of Universe, the Creator of Heaven and Earth is guiding our path and patiently setting up a great future for us. Literally, He created the entire universe, and He holds our whole life in His hands... How crazy is that?? There is no way we will ever comprehend that, but if we can just begin to understand how awesome it is, we can calm down and relax knowing “He’s got this”. I mean, I respect someone so much if they can create anything – whether it’s hand-made clothes, art… even creating a tasty meal out of a bunch of ingredients is something I admire! But creating the entire universe??? Wow, God has my eternal respect, admiration and trust!!! 

We do not need to rush His plans. We do not need to fear when we are in a rough patch that is seemingly lacking in direction, because that is only a short term scenario. We do not need to fear when we are in a job that does not satisfy us, or studying a course that feels irrelevant. Because a lifestyle in line with the path of Jesus, mixed with prayer and an openness to God’s voice will reveal His plan for our lives. “Travel steadily”, be open to God’s will, and it will come.

That is why I am currently content. I had lived a relatively directionless life since leaving school, but since the door closed on medicine, I feel a new sense of hope that God is working in a big way for my future. I have hope that His plans for me far exceed what would have been possible if I was confined to life as a medical student and eventually a doctor. That seems to be a bizarre statement… but I truly believe that even if we are in a great profession, and it is not where we are called to be, it will not satisfy us.

 I am still unsure of His plans, which is the difficult part because I do not have a fully logical answer when people ask me what career I am pursuing. But it is important that I present the same peace to others as I have within my heart; A comforting peace that says I am patient and trusting in the Lord, seeking wholeheartedly to follow His path, knowing that He will honour me because my life is dedicated to honouring Him.

I am now doing a Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management, and I truly feel that this is the right place for me to be in. I’m not sure how God is going to use me in the business world, but I know that He will use me and I’m excited for the possibilities.

I know this is a journey that so many students are on. There are many reasons why we have decided to study the degree we are; sometimes it’s because that’s the only degree our matric marks allowed for us, sometimes it’s because of pure uncertainty post-matric, and sometimes we just think it’s a degree that sounds good (what sounds more prestigious than medicine??). But I’m a firm believer that it’s better to do something than to do nothing… along the journey God will reveal our true passions and talents to us, and we will be able to use past experiences to help us when we find our true calling.

So don’t fear if you feel uncertain of your path now… simply “travel steadily along His path”, and I am certain that He will honour you, so that you can honour Him.

 Peace amigos!


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