Sunday, 2 March 2014

You Are More

Continuing my song analysis from my last post, this week I’d like to look at Tenth Avenue North’s song “You are more”. For those of you who don’t know the song, the chorus, which is really impactful, goes like this:

“You are more than the choices that you’ve made.
You are more than the sum of your past mistakes.
You are more than the problems you create.
You’ve been remade”

This song is such a great reminder about salvation for us as Christians. Often we feel like our past is holding us back. Sometimes we dig ourselves into such a deep hole we feel there’s no way we could get out. What’s great about grace is that it gives us a ladder to step out of the darkest and deepest hole. It doesn’t matter what we’ve done, or where we’ve come from. The only thing we need is belief, no one else can believe for us, it’s all on us as individuals.

The bridge of the song makes another impactful point:

“Cause this is not about what you’ve done,
But what’s been done for you.
This is not about where you’ve been,
But where your brokenness brings you to.
This is not about what you feel,
But what He felt to forgive you,
And what He felt to make you loved.”

It’s not about what we’ve done, our actions won’t help, but our belief in God’s actions will make all the difference. God takes us on a journey in order to help us become the people he wants us to be. God has a divine plan for us all. That provides some comfort, because who know where our experiences will lead us. Maybe one day you will meet someone tackling a similar problem and you can help them get through it.

The most important thing to remember is that you are worth more to God than what you think. God loves us no matter what we’ve done. God loves us despite our mistakes, despite our flaws. He is the embodiment of unconditional love. All we have to do is have faith in Him and we’ll be remade.

Don’t lose hope, God has great plans in store for you.

Remember, you are more...

Stay awesome everyone.


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