Sunday, 16 March 2014

My Identity is in Christ, and Christ Alone!

In a recent men's meeting the topic of insecurities was brought up and how we often strive for man's approval. (Note that I can speak so candidly about all this now because of God's unfailing grace and healing in my life!)

Now I must confess, being the smallest out of my group of friends back in primary school was never going to be much fun. I was often the butt of the joke and, being skinny and having rather large ears, I was the obvious target for the school bullies. (I'd like to announce here that I have grown into my ears, and like to see myself as "lean"..."athletic" even) :p

It was this rough childhood that brought about a lot of insecurities later on in life, as well as a strong "people-pleaser" mentality. I often look back and cringe when I think about how far I would go in order for others to "accept" me. I would go so far as to say that being liked by others became somewhat of an obsession. I was never part of the "cool" crowd back in primary school, but when changing high school, I thought this would all change. I thought this would be my chance to finally have a clean slate and make friends with the "popular" kids. Instead, God used my awkwardness to scare away these popular kids and surround me with people just as awkward as I was...nine years later these are still the friends I sit next to in church.

You see, I learnt that looking for man's acceptance and approval gets you absolutely nowhere. I was in a church service many years ago, at the height of my insecurity, and the pastor said that you feeling bad or insecure about yourself should be seen as an insult to God. Our all-powerful and all-knowing Father, the Maker of the Heavens and the Earth made you! Not only that...He made you in HIS image! He made you the way you are ("flaws"and all) for a purpose...He doesn't make mistakes.

After reading Galatians 1:10 which says "Am I now trying to win the approval of human beings, or of God? Or am I trying to please people? If I were still trying to please people, I would not be a servant of Christ." Am I hear on Earth to gain people's approval or do my Father's will? I quickly realised that it is not what others think of me that defines me, it's what my Father thinks! I AM A CHILD OF GOD AND I BELONG TO HIM!

I just want to encourage you. If you are a Christian struggling with insecurities, an identity crisis or finding yourself seeking man's approval over God's, remember these few amazing truths:
- You are loved by God and nothing can separate you from that
- You are chosen by God
- You are forgiven
- You are strengthened for all tasks to which God calls you
- You are never alone

I pray that you will hold onto these truths and remember that your true identity does not come from others' perceptions of you, it comes from God.

Peace and Love


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