Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Shaun Jacobs: Love Can

Release Date: 8 October 2013
Genre: Melodic Rock
Length: 38:30
Label: Unsigned
Similar artists: Mercyme; Gangs of Ballet; The Afters; Monsters Calling Home
Rating: 4/5

Once again South Africa is showing the world that we do indeed have world class musicians just waiting

to blow the minds of anybody willing to listen, and Shaun Jacobs is doing just that with his album Love


The maturity of sound that this record manages to bring to the table is incredibly impressive considering

that it is the first full length album that this trio, comprised of Shaun Jacobs, Craig Sparks and Andrew

Sowter, have released.

From a musical standpoint this record is fantastic; the riffs, solos, harmonies, everything has its place and

the sound is just... crisp. Shaun’s wide vocal range delivers a variety of sound that is truly captivating and

exciting to listen to. Additionally I’m happy to say that the record itself also has a wide variety of sounds.

Some tracks are upbeat, with intensity and flare that really just make you want to do some good old

fashioned rocking out; couple that with slower-paced ballad tracks and you end up with a record with a

track to suit every mood and the potential to bring in an ever widening fan base.

Lyrically this record leaves little to be desired. A track that just sounds good isn’t ever really enough if we

are honest with ourselves. A well written song executed to perfection is never going captivate you if you

can’t relate to the lyrics, and these tracks manage to do just that, they captivate you. You can tell that a

lot of passion goes into every track produced; it seeps through every word, every melody, every note. It is

hard not to feel the emotion and get lost in your own as a result.

I think everybody needs a little bit more of something like Love Can in their lives. Between Shaun’s voice,

the harmonies, the guitars, drums, lyrics… this record is truly one not to be missed.

 Song of the Week: “End Of The Road”

Stay out of danger Hermione Granger


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