Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Deitrick Haddon: R.E.D

Release Date: 3 September 2013
Genre: Contemporary Gospel, Christian
Length: 60:06
Label: RCA Inspiration
Similar artists: J Moss, Byron Cage, Fred Hammond, Donnie McClurkin
Rating: 3.5/5

From a technical standpoint this record leaves little to be desired. With 16 full length tracks and an intro you definitely get what you paid in terms of quantity. In terms of quality I’d have to say that I would have preferred to have a couple of songs left off of the record if that meant more effort would be put into the remaining tracks, not to say that any of the tracks are bad, I just feel that some of them could use a little more love.

In terms of its musicality the record has a lot to offer, there are tracks ranging from pure gospel to blues to dance, there is probably a little bit of something to be found in the record for everybody. However with this in mind, as a whole I think this album has its ups and downs. Although the variety of music gives us a lot to choose from, it almost feels like Haddon can’t make up his mind about where he wanted this record to go.

Lyrically this record is solid. What I love about this record is how Haddon seems to be able to seamlessly combine secular and non-secular topics throughout each track. It is easy to see that each track was written with a lot of passion, and after listening to this record it almost feels necessary to take a step back and meditate on the lyrics of each track. Something about the lyrics is so thought-provoking and meaningful.

Haddon's artistic range is as elastic as his vocals, making the tracks all the more palpable to a wider audience.

A very different but deeply interesting record.

Song of the Week: “Just as I am”

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