Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Andy Cherry: Nothing Left To Fear

Release Date: 6 March 2012
Genre: Contemporary Christian
Length: 40:35
Label: Essential Records
Similar artists: One Sonic Society, Luminate, Sidewalk Prophets, Rush of Fools
Rating: 3.5/5

There are so many new worship artists popping up all the time, and because of this, one has to make a splash if they wish to remain a force in the field of worship. With his debut record Nothing Left to Fear, Andy Cherry has tried to do just that. Although this record is good, it isn’t great. While it hasn’t been a complete failure, I still don’t think it is good enough to make Andy Cherry a stand out artist in this field.

In my opinion I think the record is a little bit short, with only ten tracks it left a lot to be desired. However these ten tracks do contain a lot of heart, passion and thought provoking lyrics. You can definitely feel, by the sound of Cherry's voice, that he is putting all he can into each track, and all ten tracks definitely showcase his warmth and passion. Combine that with the beautiful worship lyrics and you have yourself a couple of great tracks.

The overall problem I have with Nothing Left to Fear is the dynamic factor, or the lack thereof throughout the record. While you cannot deny that Cherry pours into each track to create a warm worship record, it cannot be denied that the record is almost too consistent in its style. Not every song captivates your interest equally; the album does drag a lot towards the end.

Some songs work better than others, but the fact still remains that there are more accomplished and stirring worship artists that are more worthwhile to pick than this record. Regardless of this fact, Cherry's passion for heartfelt worship hasn't gone unnoticed. This record was undoubtedly produced with an attentive heart for worship, the fruits of Cherry's labor found in Nothing Left To Fear succeeds in bringing an honest offering before the throne of God, and that's Cherry's intention.

In closing I’d say that this is a strong debut album by a talented artist, and I think he has a lot of potential, I’m interested to see where the Lord takes him.

Song of the Week: “To Follow You”
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