Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Phil Wickham: The Ascension

Release Date: 24 September 2013
Genre: Contemporary Christian, Praise & Worship
Length: 48:49
Label: Fair Trade Services
Similar artists: Shane & Shane, All Sons & Daughters, Jeremy Riddle, Chris Tomlin
Rating: 4/5

Throughout this record I am reminded about how effortlessly Phil Wickham manages to bring something new to the worship table with each new release. This record is full of emotional power and transparency, harmonious and ingenious originality, and in general, it is an escape from the norms of this genre.

Musically there is little fault to be found in this record. New and old fans of Phil Wickham will be captivated by his beautifully polished falsetto voice. The wide variety of instruments accompanying him, create a rich variety of sound that truly gives life to the record. However in some or the tracks I did feel a little overwhelmed.

Lyrically the record displays that which we have come to know and love about Phil’s records in the past; you just get the feeling that every word was carefully chosen and that every lyric has it’s place, resulting in an adventurous and creative lyrical journey that is truly satisfying.

Although this record is only eleven tracks in length, which isn’t that short if I’m honest, the eleven tracks you do get are full and vibrant and absolutely make up for any issues you may have with the length of this record. I feel like this is the kind of record you would mix into a playlist of your favourite artists, with each of these tracks being a little gem that you could thoroughly enjoy listening to whenever one were to come up, however I don’t think this is the kind of record you could put on repeat and listen to over and over again.

I can’t finish this review without saying that Phil Wickham's vocals peak when bringing the record to a close. The track “Thirst” seems to build and build and build and the climax is a truly perfect way to end the record.

I think it would be really hard not to enjoy this record; it’s so simple, yet at the same time so incredibly deep; so ordinary but at the same time extraordinary. One of the most profound, transparent, and honest records of the year, and you certainly don't want to miss this unique and God-inspired experience. This is really a heartfelt and deeply enjoyable record.

I have to say I struggled to pick this week’s Song of The Week because every time a new track played, I found it would become my new favourite, I finally settled on: “When My Heart Is Torn Asunder”

Stay fine Doctor Frankenstein 


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