Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Thousand Foot Krutch: The End is Where We Begin

Thousand Foot Krutch: The End is Where We Begin
Release Date: April 17 2012
Genre: Hard Rock; Nu Metal; Alternative Metal; Christian Rock; Rap
Label: Independent
Similar Artists: RED; Manafest; Skillet; Pillar; Decyfer Down
Album Length: 48:39
Rating: 4.5/5

The album starts with this random electro voice, and I wouldn’t blame you if you thought “What the freak?” But give it a chance; that electro voice becomes the intro to a truly epic rock album. The first track hits hard. We Are comes first, and the song becomes your instant favourite…but there are still 14 tracks on the album. So a good start indeed. From this point on, deactivation is not an option.

Why is this album so good? Why is Thousand Foot Krutch so good? I reckon it is because of their style. They are able to join two genres which some say cannot be joined. Joining Rap and Rock is what Trevor and the boys do to perfection; it helps that Trevor is able to maintain awesome vocals in both genres. The entire album is designed so that it will appeal to everyone. If you enjoy your rock, consider it catered for. If you enjoy rap, you also won’t be disappointed. Even if you enjoy your slower rock, songs like So Far Gone and Be Somebody will have you tapping your toes to a tantalising beat while being you cannot help but be infected by their amazing lyrics.

“We are the ones, we are the guns
And we will ride; we are the voice of a song unsung
We are the change; we are the chains that hold us
We are the choice, we are the strong
We are one”. Taken from the song, We Are which shows a true strength in the lyrical potency of this album.

The reason for me not giving this album 5 out 5 is due to the fact that there are a couple of songs which are not as strong as the others. This unfortunately means that it loses its 5 star rating. I would love to give it 5, but I need to be critical here.

“Is it true what they say, that words are weapons?
And if it is, then everybody best stop steppin'
Cause I got ten in my pocket that'll bend ya locket,
I'm tired of all these rockers sayin' come with me,
Wait, it's just about to break, it’s more than I can take,
Everything's about to change.” Lyrics form track of the week - War of Change. 

Check out the video on our site.

I seriously recommend this album to everyone.
We are the war of change – let’s make it count.

Have a rocking week everyone

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