Monday, 25 March 2013

When I Needed Encouragement the Most....

If your week has been anything like mine, the one thing that you’re dying for is some encouragement. Being an architecture student I find that when designing, one essential tool that I cannot go without (apart from a pen...duh) is background music. For those of you who read last week’s post you’ll be familiar with what’s been keeping me going...Nakhane Toure, House of Heroes, The Welcome Wagon, as well as some Mumford and Sons...obviously!

This week has been quite a struggle, especially with regards to work. I’ve struggled to maintain a balance with my spiritual, social and work lives. I’ve questioned where God wants me to be and if what I’m doing is aligned with His will for my life. All in all, it was just a horrible week....

Loooooong story short, one of the many things I’ve learnt this week is how powerful music can be, especially when needing a morale boost. I’ve found that I connect strongly with God through music, and have needed to rely on this heavily over the past few days. Here’s a list of the few songs that have kept me going.

Needtobreathe - Washed By The Water

Casting Crowns- East to West

Sufjan Stevens – To Be Alone with You

Mumford and Sons – This Train/Come thou Fount

Matthew Mole – How Deep the Father’s Love for Us

Monsters Calling Home – Growing Up

Guys, I’ll be here all day if I upload all the songs...I strongly recommend you just look these guys up!

Nakhane Toure

The Welcome Wagon


Josh Garrells

Just remember that, although troubles will come, Jesus has overcome the world.
Just reminding myself of His overwhelming love for me has brought so much peace.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11

Have a blessed week everyone!

Peace and Love


  1. Hey A

    One album that I find brings me encouragement is Lifehouse's 'No Name Face'. I know its a bit old (Nov 2000) but the lyrics are still so true...All the best with architecture (one of my friends also does it, and doesn't sleep for days lol)


    1. Hey E

      Ah! What an amazing album!! Really wish I had looked that up this past week! Would've helped a lot. Thanx for the comment, really appreciate it! Feel free to suggest any other great albums...always on the lookout!
      Haha ya hey, architecture is a killer!
      Anyways, have a great week!