Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Rhett Walker Band: Come to the River

Release Date: 10 July 2012
Genre: Christian Alternative Southern Rock, Southern folk
Label: Essential
Similar Artists: Kutless; Family Force 5; Mercyme, Rend Collective Experiment
Album Length: 36:58
Rating: 3.5/5

Something different… If you enjoy the interesting vocals of southerners and that quirky sound of a plucky guitar… then you will enjoy this album. I didn’t think much of this album the first time I heard it as it is not my favourite genre of music. Alex is more of the folk fundi, but I decided to give it a go.

The album has two sounds; the first is the band’s really good interpretation of the southern alternative genre, songs like Get up get out, and Gonna be alright are good examples of this. The second is a fresh look at the folk scene, I say fresh because it made me think twice about the genre. The final track, Singing Stone is a mix between worship and folk. There are definite folk vibes through the album, as well as rocky undertones. Neither of which I can fault.

The album does not bore you, the lyrics are potent enough to keep you captivated for that second listen in a row and there is certainly enough beat to warrant a foot tapping session in the car.

Bear in mind that this is the bands first release and as such they have a lot to learn. There are certain aspects of the album that give away their newness; on the whole, Paul Moak- the producer- did a great job with this album. The bands sounds carries and it definitely has me excited for their future projects.

"Oh, now's the time to stand up and feel alive
Oh, your strength runs through me
Oh Lord, yeah, you make me new
You make me new" - Make Me New

Song of the album goes to Can't Break Me

HOWEVER! This week I want to add something...the best lyrics on the album have to go to Brother:
"Brother don't you know
No one's too high to fall
No one's strong enough to make their own way
Brother don't you know
We're all just beggars and thieves
In need of the very same grace
The very same grace..."

Check this album out if you want something different in your collection.

Have a rocking week everyone

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