Wednesday, 27 March 2013

RED: Release the Panic

Release Date: 5 February 2013
Genre: Post grunge; Heavy metal; Christian metal
Length: 34:00
Label: Essential; Sony
Producer: Howard Benson
Similar artists: Disciple, Nine Lashes, Kids in the Way, The Letter Black
Rating: 4/5

When RED announced their new album last year, they said that it would be an album unlike anything they had done previously...and that is definitely what they’ve done! Different is good. However this has opened them up to a lot of criticism.

The album leads RED into a new phase of their career and I believe that they have done a good job. The album proves to be a mixture of intense music mixed with some more chilled vibes. Songs such as Damage lead you to believe that RED is moving into a phase of something much heavier than we are used to, but then you hear a song like Glass House which makes you think they are heading into a more chilled future. This brings me to the down side of the album. The sudden genre change almost gives you whiplash. This results in the album feeling slightly disjointed. Don’t stress though… the album redeems itself.

When it comes to songs like Hold Me Now; Release The Panic; Perfect Life, RED hits hard with their no nonsense lyrics and ridiculously energetic instrumentals. I find that there are some definite links to their previous albums; however they also bring a new feel into their music. This redeeming quality results in yet another superb RED album.

“I can feel your madness now
I can feel your fire now
It's what I burn for
It's what I bleed for
I would die for you”  - lyrics from the song Die For You. I am sure that many of you will agree, once you have listened to the album, the lyrics are pretty awesome.

‘Release the Panic’ is a combination between all the different previous RED albums. The amalgamation of the albums in my opinion has proven to be a great success. I am sure that it has something for everyone. I say go for it!!

Song of the album goes to Die For You.

Have a rocking week everyone


  1. Great review! I agree 100% got the album the day it came out and was thoroughly impressed! For me, song of the album would be love will leave a mark, but that's based off my love for Red's heavier stuff. The lyrics hit super hard, they strike a chord in fact. Keep up the great work!

  2. Thanks Sean.. I'm glad you agree with us.. What do you say to those who say the new album is too heavy and too far away from their original music in terms of the feeling they provide? Excellent song choice for song of the album.. Thanks for reading!