Sunday, 20 July 2014

God is good, ALL the time

Hi friends,

I was thinking about what I was going to write about this week, and although there are plenty of relevant topics to choose from, I really felt that a feel-good, encouraging post may be in order.

This has been a rather challenging year for me in terms of my studies; Masters has led me into many a discouraging and frustrating situation. This week in particular, it just felt like nothing was going smoothly. However, amidst all my frustration and pondering over “how could I have misheard God so much”, I just felt the need to trust Him and have faith. So I did. I took the steps I could to rectify the situation, I prayed, and I waited. And God came through.

Now this might seem like an obvious outcome – of course God came through. But sometimes it’s hard to believe things are happening for a reason. Sometimes we feel like we must have misread the signs, or think we didn’t pray hard enough, or that we’re on our own path and God’s going to leave us until we find the right path again. But that’s not what Romans tells us:

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them” Romans 8:28.

Trust me when I say this: God will not leave you. He is working in ways that we can’t always see but He sees the bigger picture. There is nothing we can do, no place where we can go, where He cannot use us and work it out for our good. I’m a firm believer in lessons and even when the situation works out in a way which seems like a failure, there is something to be learned from it. We need to live confidently in the freedom that God gives us, trusting that He will guide us when we seek Him but that even when we get it wrong, He’s still got us. How glorious the realisation that we can make mistakes, we can veer a little to the left and still His plans will be made known.

If you love Jesus and are open to his leading, things will work out. My Pastor said one of the most helpful things in a sermon a few months ago that I’ll share with you now: when asked by his son about how you hear God’s voice, he explained that often it’s when you look back that all the little lights line up and you find that God’s been leading you the whole time, you just didn’t know it. How true!!! How often I’ve looked back and been amazed at how God’s been working the whole time, all for my good. God is good, ALL of the time. He will use whatever you’re going through right now to bring you out the other side, better and more equipped to build on His Kingdom.

So have faith. Have patience. Trust that no matter how YOU feel, God is working and when you come out the other side, which you will, you’ll look back and smile at the wonder that God’s hand in your life is.

Until next time…Let go and let God.


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