Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Casting Crowns Live: Johannesburg

Some concerts are destined to be great, even before they’ve begun. This is what Casting Crowns was like for me. I was fortunate enough to get to meet the band just before the concert started. The room was electric as we all waited to meet the band members. As they walked out I could hardly believe my eyes. I just kept thinking to myself “don’t say anything stupid, just act natural”. Each member was really friendly and excited to meet us. One of the highlights for me personally was when a few of the band members told me that my Assassin’s Creed hoodie was “awesome”, which lead to a short discussion about the game. Afterwards, all I could think about was “I have something in common with Casting Crowns, yay me!”

This was just the beginning of a great evening for us. An amazing night of worship followed, and we were all amazed at the talent that we got to see. I haven’t listened to the latest Casting Crowns album, but they had a great mix of new and old songs to keep everyone happy. The songs I knew I sang as loud as I could, and the songs I didn’t know I sang just as loud (they had the lyrics up on a projector for us). Hearing classic songs like “East to West” and “Lifesong” made my heart happy, yet this concert was more than just a time of worship. The lead singer, Mark, would often take a break from singing to give us a message which would relate to the next couple of songs.

Casting Crowns have an amazing charisma; every moment of the concert was enjoyable. One of my favourite moments was when they did a song I had never heard up until that evening. “Dream for you” is an amazing song about what God wants for our lives. It’s got a really great tune, full of energy and great lyrics, and the song broke me. This concert was awesome because there was something special for anyone who went. If you ever get the chance, definitely make an effort to see these guys live.

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