Thursday, 23 January 2014

The Bright Road: Norway

Artist: The Bright Road
Record/EP: Norway
Rating: 4/5
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Similar artists: Bon Iver, Sigur Ros
Genre: Indie Pop
Release Date: 2012
Length: 31:00
Label: Ma Mer
Haha ok…now I fell so in love with this band’s sound that I just HAD to put this album up here! I’m not 100% if these guys are Christian, but their songs with their intimate lyrics really spoke to me. I cannot really explain the joy and excitement one encounters after finding gems like these randomly on Noisetrade.
The Bright Road, based in Montreal, started with Phillipe Garceau and various collaborations around the year 2010. The current five members only met a few months after the release of the 2012 album, Norway.
They label their genre “Dream Pop” and “Indie Pop Ambient”…I think they hit the nail on the head when they use the words “dream” and “ambient”. The music off this album is extremely mellow and, to an extent, enchanting. The charming, heartfelt lyrics capture you immediately…whisking you off to a tranquil state of mind.
“And how can I say I don’t need your grace
What would I do far from your face?
My life has purpose only
When you take control
AS I pressed ‘play’ their impeccable vocals caught my attention. They mix common instruments (like the guitar and drum) with various digital media in order to create a different atmosphere for each song. I found that the almost “chant-like” singing in songs like Du was amazing to play in the background during my quiet times.
If you are looking for a perfectly executed mellow and relaxing album…look no further than Norway! I am so excited to see what they produce in the future!
Listen to their title track "Norway" below.
Peace and Love

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