Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Shine Bright Baby: Dreamers

Release Date: 23 July 2013
Genre: Pop/Rock
Length: 31:35
Label: BEC Recordings
Similar artists: Running With Giants, A Lifelike Story, Miss Conduct, Away We Go!
Rating: 3.5/5

"Dreams can be so creative and so vast that there's often times for so much room for growth and expansion. We wanted to release a record that would empower our fans and inspire them to follow their God-given dreams and pursue God and His plan for their lives."

Shine Bright Baby started out as a fun idea, whilst the band members pursued college and other interests, God had another plan in mind for them. Now they are a living testimony to how God’s will for us interconnects our lives with other’s to help form a part of His master plan for us, a plan that will change our lives for the better. The album is only 10 tracks long, which for some might be too short, but I assure you that what it lacks in length it makes up for with passion and captivation. It’s full of heartfelt praise and the collision of genres and different paced music is something that will draw in a variety of listeners. 

Dreamers is the debut studio album from Shine Bright Baby, and they have not disappointed. The track "Made To Glow," really stands out for me, and is about letting God's love shine in our everyday actions and how ‘…we were made to glow, illuminate the whole world…’ The ballad "Love Restores" was written soon after a highly publicized school shooting occurred near the band's hometown, and speaks about how the Lord’s love for us can renew the most shocking situations. The group has also give us a taste of aggression with their song "The Brave Ones," which features Disciple front-man Kevin Young, centered around living life boldly in faith.

Tied to the theme of “Made To Glow” is the song, “Dreamers”. We are reminded with this song that ‘…we are the dreamers, hoping for things that we can’t see, sooner or later, we’re gonna see the unseen…’ it is a call to everyone, Christian or non-Christian alike, to not just settle for what we are told by the world, but instead we must dream bigger and dare to take on even the seemingly impossible tasks we might face. 
‘Beautiful to You’ is a reminder of how we look in Christ’s eyes, perfectly beautiful, and it ties in very nicely with ‘Dreamers’. While listening to these tracks I know that I am perfect in the Maker’s eyes and that even though I may feel that I fall short, my Savior loves me perfectly. 

This album contains a lot of "we" and “you” statements, which connect the themes portrayed in the tracks to the individuals listening to them, seeking to encourage the broken and unite us all, and challenging us to take bold steps to make the world a better place. Many people today, myself included, can often be discouraged from making a difference in a world that is often said to be “too far gone”. This album however challenges this thinking, and I’m sure as you listen to it, you will find that your thought processes will begin to change.
"A lot of songs today have so many negative undertones, and rather than writing a bunch of songs that wallow in struggles and hurt, we want to have these songs be lights to shine in the darkness. The purpose of this album is to help other people with a message of God's forgiveness and redemption that they'll hopefully find optimistic, inspiring, and relatable."

Shine Bright Baby are definitely going to be joining the list of my favourite new artists of 2013 so far, I recommend that you do yourself a favour and buy this powerful and exciting debut album of a band that I think has a very bright future indeed.

Song of the Week is: “Made To Glow”

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