Sunday, 28 July 2013

J & A's Playlist - July 2013

J's Playlist

Fight the Fade - Tomorrow

Sumerlin - We Stand

Shine Bright Baby - Dare to Dream

Luminate - Come Home

Lecrae - Tell the World

The Seeking - Yours Forever

A's Playlist

Mike Main's & The Branches - Stop the Car

Bear's Den - Agape

Needtobreathe - The Outsiders

Rivers & Robots - You Saved My Soul

Citizens - In Tenderness


  1. and I thought I knew a lot of artists that were christian. wow, your list is rtaher extensive of many artists i have not heard you.

    i reckon Jesus smiles a lot and many of these "non cliche worship bands."

    just my two cents...

  2. Hey Guys

    I hope you're well. I agree with darrel; I don't know many of these artists, but I'd love to find out more about their music, and more importantly, bring glory to God :)

  3. Hey guys!!

    Well when we started the blog we said that although we were going to review the large, popular artists, we wanted to place great emphasis on the lesser known bands as there is such incredible talent out there that no one knows/appreciates, and it's such a shame!!

    Would you prefer it if we added some better known bands into the playlist?