Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Decyfer Down: Scarecrow

Release Date: 27 August 2013
Genre: Christian Rock, Alternative Metal
Length: 34:17
Label: Fair Trade Services
Similar artists: Disciple, Pillar, Day of Fire, Seventh Day Slumber
Rating: 3.5/5

Scarecrow is a solid rock record that has given Decyfer Down the ability to redefine themselves whilst still managing to prove that they are one of Christian rock’s most talented artists.

This record manages to deliver a mature sound, and I was really impressed given that this is only the third studio album to be released by the band. From a technical standpoint in my opinion the album is a little bit short, with only ten tracks, and of these tracks I was a bit disappointed. A lot of the songs are repetitive and few are longer than two verses and a chorus. However musically this record is fantastic, the roaring riffs, slamming solos and the overall gritty guitars definitely make up for the length of the record. What it lacks in quantity it makes up for in quality.

Lyrically, there’s one theme throughout the record, and this is to stop the hate and get back to loving one another as Christians are meant to do. Although it may feel like the songwriting is a little bit “hit and miss” at times, the moments when the tracks hit certainly carry this album home.

I think that this record will be pleasing for new fans of the band to listen to as it is a heavier rock album with an enjoyable overall sound that keeps away from the heavier screamo that scares many fans away.
The mixture of slow and fast tracks really show off the band’s musicianship and songwriting talents and while this record is not perfect, it definitely shows the band sticking to their guns and delivering another high-energy rock album as well as taking a step or two into new directions.

Although it may not be the kind of album you can play over and over again because of the simplicity of the tracks, there are moments where you can pick up on the improvements they’ve made since the last record.

Song of The Week: “So In Love”

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