Wednesday, 14 August 2013

House of Heroes: The Knock-Down Drag-Outs

Release Date: 30 April 2013
Genre: Alternative Rock
Length: 68:22
Label: Gotee Records
Similar artists: Relient-K, Run Kid Run, Abandon Kansas, The Wedding
Rating: 3/5

The previous three, full length albums that have been released by House of Heroes have been met with much critical success, and between each of these albums the band has released quite a few unique EPs and singles, just enough to keep fans of the band satisfied until the release of their next album. The latest album released, named The Knock-Down Drag-Outs is essentially a collection of most of these ‘side’ releases, as well as three new songs to act as a sort of ‘cherry on top’.

This album boasts a substantial nineteen track collection, of which only five tracks can be considered ‘brand-new’ items, two of which are remixes.

The first new song on the album is called, "Choose Your Blade," and is perhaps one of the biggest deviations I have heard produced by the band. House of Heroes takes the usual hard rock sound, that they are best known for, and then blend it with a heavy Spanish influence. The music is upbeat and exciting, and the lyrics occasionally surprise as they drift into Spanish, and I am sure this is a song that many fans, new and old, will fall in love with. The next new track called, "Hide," showcases the band's softer side. “Hide” contains an amazing, powerful and beautiful chorus, sung by the band with such passion and emotion; it is really impressive to hear them evoke just as much emotion in an understated manner. The final song, "Your Casualty", is new and different, but not my particular cup of tea. I’m not sure what exactly to make of it, but it’s worth listening to for sure. 

The rest of the album is comprised of EP's, singles and bonus tracks from the past five years that the band has been releasing music. This album is a nice and convenient ‘all-in-one’ package of all these releases, created for the enjoyment of any fan of the band that may have missed out on some of the bands hidden gems.

This album is very convenient and is certainly a great idea, many bands release singles and EPs throughout their careers and to have one full length album with all of these stuck together is truly awesome. I recommend buying this album because the new songs, remixes and songs you never ever realized were produced by House of Heroes will delight and surprise you as you listen to the album. The fact that it is also nineteen songs long means that you will not get bored of it too quickly, a problem I find when I listen to short albums or EPs released by many bands is that it is too easy to wear out an album in a relatively short amount of time.

So if you are a fan of House of Heroes, new or old, this album would make a perfect addition to your collection.

Song of the Week is:  “Hide”.

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