Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Moriah Peters: I Choose Jesus

Release Date: 17 April 2013
Genre: Contemporary Christian
Length: 33:51
Label: Reunion Records
Similar artists: Jamie Grace, Sarah Groves, Laura Story, Wendi Foy Green
Rating: 3.5/5

This album reminds me of my first love… Underneath her pop sparkle and her beautiful voice we find a solemn collection of songs driven by a deliberate and confident message. In I Choose Jesus, Moriah proclaims her faith, and it is clear that encouraging the spiritually of others is the goal from the very start. Her message however, does not lessen the beauty of any of her songs. All of them still maintain a feel-good, catchy quality. Fans of soulful and summery pop music will love this album and I believe a very promising career can only grow for Peters from here.

It would be wrong (I think) if I were to describe Moriah as having a “bubblegum pop” feel to her music, that would be unfair, however she does have a very pop-feel to her music. The whole album is essentially full of very pleasant songs, sung with Moriah's silky sweet voice that you cannot help but like. Even if you're a rock lover or a dance raver, this is the kind of music that doesn't offend. I Choose Jesus has a mix of great songs that are about Jesus and His love for us, and other songs that have a very positive message about living a good life. I think very highly of Moriah as an artist, she has such a rich and wonderful harmonious voice that you could just listen to all day

Given the genre of music that Moriah falls under it is understandable to expect a rather empty teenage pop-music feel on this young singer’s album. In fact, there is not an autotuner or a predictable synth riff in earshot and thanks to the sure hand of producer Ed Cash (Chris Tomlin, Bebo Norman) the sound here is organic enough that one has to take the 21 year old's album seriously. Peters comes across as a very bubbly personality, with a childlike heart with which she sells in these songs, many of them are bold declarations of her faith, which makes it impossible to dismiss her as yet another ‘dime-a-dozen’ girl with a guitar. Stars of her age often try to appear “too-cool-for-school”, but Peters seems unconcerned with appearances

Moriah has skillfully constructed ten gems, with many treasures to find every time you listen to them. With her fresh and pleasing attitude towards life, unlike many other female mainstream artists, Moriah has beautifully used her youth and creativity to her advantage, additionally dropping in some of her own personal stories into the songs making them that much more relatable to the listener.

Moriah will certainly grow up to be a very influential artist in the Christian music world. I take my hat off to Moriah. Her faith in Christ is fresh and energetic, with the lyrical maturity beyond her years, Moriah incorporates smart songwriting with musical genius to create ten tracks of easy-listening, yet at the same time, songs that will motivate and encourage the listener

I Choose Jesus is packed full of insightful and thoughtful messages that a listener of any age could learn from. I believe that this album would make a great addition to your favourite playlist.

Song Of The Week: “All The Ways He Loves Us”

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