Monday, 10 June 2013

How About Some Local Flavour?

Nakhane Touré and Matthew Mole – two local musicians who make you feel proud to be South African.  After recently watching one of their shows at the Brazen Head, Sandton, I felt it would be a heinous crime not to sing their praises!

They present completely different sounds, yet both magnificent in their own way.  Nakhane. His incredible voice and intricate guitar playing commands your undivided attention... If truth be told, I simply do not have the vocabulary to describe how utterly captivating he is on stage. The powerful emotion that his voice evokes is truly something to behold! Then you have Matthew.  His down-to-earth presence, boyish charm and joyful music brings happiness wherever it goes. Listening to his folky tunes, you can’t help but smile.

The venue was by no means big but this allowed for a unique, intimate interaction between the musicians and their audience.  It felt as though they were playing to a room full of friends and not complete strangers, as Nakhs and Matthew both cracked jokes and apologised constantly for talking too much between songs!

Nakhane and I first met at church a couple years ago and I’ve only recently gotten to know Matthew (we currently go to the same church), but I can say with absolute conviction that these are two honest and genuine people.  I’ve asked them both on a few occasions what it’s like having that sense of fame.... Ooh that reminds me of a story, Matt and a few of our friends were walking through the Neighbourgoods Market in Braamfontein, when all of a sudden two girls yell something at Matt who looked at them in a rather confused fashion, after which the girls ran off giggling, whispering “He looked over here!”... I ask if things like this are weird for them both, but they both reply with similar answers.  For them, it’s really not about that.  They love music and they love sharing it with others.

They really deserve all the attention they are getting and with both of them releasing debut albums within the coming months, exciting times lie ahead!

If this is the first time you are hearing about either one of them, I urge you to check them out ASAP!!! You don’t know what you’ve been missing!!!

Do yourself a favour and check out the links below!

Peace and Love everybody!


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