Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Nine Lashes: World We View

Release Date: 14 February 2012
Genre: Alternative; Christian Rock; Christian metal
Length: 38:40
Label: Tooth & Nail
Producer: Aaron Sprinkle; Trevor McNevan
Similar artists: Disciple, Sent by Ravens, Thousand Foot Krutch, Skillet
Rating: 3.75/5

Very few albums have put me in such a good mood from the first track before. This album successfully did that, every time I listen to the album. Anthem of the Lonely is one of the greatest songs I have heard in a long time, and when an album starts in such a manner, you expect the rest of the album to keep up. To be fair, Anthem of the Lonely was top of the Christian Rock charts. Regardless, we are here to speak about the whole album, not one track.

Nine Lashes has a very good sound, they have musicians in their band who are able to play most genres. This is an asset to them as they try to provide the listener with an array of sounds throughout the album. This is done successfully for the most part. The album is split into different sounds, from ballads such as Afterglow, to screamo metal with Our Darkest Day (with the help of Ryan Clark from Demon Hunter. The bands core genre I would say is an alternative rock sound. The band has face melting guitar riffs in every song, yet you are able to hear the lyrics in their music. Hard rock music fused with melodic lyrical talent; definitely a plus.

The band was picked up by Trevor McNevan and thanks to his connections at Tooth & Nail records; he got the guys a record deal. Trevor McNevan does not just get involved with any band that has potential; this means that Nine Lashes must have given him something special to think about. And they are a great band, with a great deal of potential. You can feel Trevor’s influence in the album through a couple songs, notably the song in which he actually performs Adrenaline.

I wanted, with all of my being, to give this album 5. And for a while I thought I was going to, but unfortunately there is one snag with the album. The first time you listen to the album full through, you love it; it is honestly one of the best albums out there. But then the more you listen, the more you seem to think that all the songs could fit together. This is either the work of some seriously awesome mixing, or, and unfortunately I believe this to be the case in this album, the music seems to be repetitive. For that reason I cannot give the album full credit.

The negatives of this album do not outweigh the positives, not by a long shot. It is still a fantastic album by a band that needs to be very closely watched. Under the supervision of McNevan and the guys from Tooth & Nail, Nine Lashes are going to make waves in the rock scene. This is definitely an album to have in your rock collection.

Song of the week goes to… Anthem of the Lonely

Have a rocking week everyone

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