Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Building 429: Listen to the Sound

Release date: May 10 2011
Genre: Christian Rock
Length: 37:10
Label: Provident
Similar artists: Skillet, Chris Tomlin, Jars of Clay, We As Human
Rating: 4/5

This is the seventh studio album by arguably one of the world’s most popular Christian Rock bands. The album is said to be written with the specific intention of enabling people to see the amount of noise that is present in this world, hence the title Listen to the Sound.

The 10 tracks present on this album give you a feel that the guys at 429 have reached full stride. This album, having been compiled largely while on the road, presents the listener with a pleasant listening sound throughout. Building 429 has never been a band that looks to heavy music to get their point across; they prefer a more melodic rock vibe which allows the listener numerous listens to the album.

Building 429 is a lucky band. They have the vocals of Jason Roy to lead them. Don’t get me wrong, the entire band is made up of truly talented individuals, but for those that know Building 429, it is very difficult to imagine them without the vocals of Roy. Roy gives the band a new dimension, he allows them to try new techniques with the music, and over the years those experiments have paid dividends. The years of trial and error have, in my opinion, created a sound unique to Building 429. The individuality of the band is captured in this album of theirs and I believe it is one of their greatest achievements to date.

For those that are wondering who the female vocalist is in track 2 Right Beside You. That is none other than Dawn Michele from Fireflight.

This is definitely an album that anyone and everyone could enjoy, I highly recommend it.

Song of the week this week goes to… Where I belong

Have a rocking week everyone

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