Wednesday, 5 November 2014

For King and Country: Run Wild. Live Free. Love Strong

Artist: For King and Country
Album: Run Wild. Live Free. Love Strong.
Genre: Rock, Indie, Chilled
Rating: 4/5

For Kind and Country are a band that originated in Nashville, Tennessee. For some reason I read “Nashville, Tennessee” in a very thick Tennessee accent.

For King and Country have an amazing history of releasing great albums. Their latest is no exception. From beginning to end this album brings across an amazing sound. The album starts us off with “Run Wild”, a song about feeling trapped by yourself or your circumstances, encouraging everyone to “Run Wild”. This is a great way to start the a;bum, and we really get a sense that this album was created in order to encourage the audience.

This album has many slower songs, as they create ballads and powerful songs with this slower tune. However, even the more upbeat songs have deep and relatable lyrics. Whilst many of them don’t speak about religion in any way, all of them have many Christian undertones.

My personal favourite song is “Without you”. The featuring artist, Courtney, accompanies the style so beautifully. Her voice compliments the brothers of Joel and Luke Smallbone. The song is about not wanting to live without someone. A person can take this and understand it as a man and woman singing to one another, telling the other that they want to remain together forever. However, this is one of the many songs that has a Christian undertone, as two people cry out never wanting to live without God by their side.

The whole album is composed beautifully, with every song complimenting the previous song, and the songs to come. I would recommend this album to anyone looking for some exciting new songs to add to their playlist.

Stay Awesome Everyone.

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